Small, fast, light-weight gaming-music player for computer + Bass Tutorial + Bass Hardstyle Music download + Bonus:D

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Small, fast, light-weight gaming-music player for computer + Bass Tutorial + Bass Hardstyle Music download + Bonus:D

Post  xrawzer0 on Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:45 pm

Part 1:
Hi guys. Today, I will be sharing a very small fast light-weight perfect mini small sized music players for gamers.
So what is the player called? It's called Winamp.

Many/some of you may have heard it about that it being the fastest light-weighted player, some may prefer i-tunes due to the compatiblity with iphone/itouch/ipad/applestuff and synchronizing.

But i-tunes have what they call copyrights protection, DRM. That will bring us some trouble to play our newly-downloaded songs.

Well lets move on to the download site of Winamp. You may have already been at this site preparing to download , but do not download so early Smile which version do we choose?
we will need to choose the Lite version. Yeah, where is it? scroll down a little and you should see it,

Winamp Lite - -> direct DL link Smile
FREE File size: 3.5 MB

Part 2:
OK now lets move on to some bass tutorial, it should only work for Windows Vista/7. First lets right click the Volume icon in the System Tray, then we select Playback devices.

Depending on which is your default Playback device, you click on your default Playback device once, then click properties.
It should bring you to Speakers and Headphones properties if not your other default Playback device.

Select Enhancements tab then click check Bass Boost, then click on settings
set Frequency to 80 Hz and Boost level to 24 dB, click Apply and Ok. Volumes might get smaller due to this modification, but its worth your Bass effect like "boom boom boom", gun shot, AWP shot and stuff, just turn the volume louder as you are using HeadSet, the effect should be perfect.

Part 3:
So you're done with everything, you need some songs to play. What I've found out is some really crazy 10-hours of NONSTOP hardstyle music on YouTube, however its removed due to copyrights Smile (how powerful & nice protection those songs possess). SO HOW? theres a way though, we can download it and play using Winamp, thats our main purpose.

Download all songs:
Part 1: 2DXU8UBQ

Now to actually view those comments & stuff about how good those songs were, how ppl couldn't live without it, you may go to" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Its an webcache to show screen capture of the YouTube vid. To get more hardstyle songs, you guys may also proceed to his channel ->

Bonus: Tell you guys a secret, when playing this powerful bass songs in your ears with headset + max bass with those "boom boom boom", it can make you feel high and actually doesn't feel angry when quarrelling in garena chat and feel pro in game Very Happy
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