[Starhub] What is Recontract & why should we Recontract?

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[Starhub] What is Recontract & why should we Recontract? Empty [Starhub] What is Recontract & why should we Recontract?

Post  xrawzer0 on Sat Feb 12, 2011 6:46 pm

Hi gaiuse Very Happy
Today a friend of mine BowlofDoodles on msn was chatting with me about whether which ISP (Singtel/Singnet OR Starhub) he should use for the Fiber Optic Plan.

Incase you don't know what's Fiber Optic Cable..
[Starhub] What is Recontract & why should we Recontract? 1047153889

Now don't get excited yet Very Happy

Some HDB flats may have not installed Open Net, a free installation service by the government to let us use Fiber Optic Cable, FREE, then we choose which ISP for our Fiber Optic Plan.
So in the meantime you can head over to http://www.opennet.com.sg/
to sign up or for more information. Very Happy

So lets move on to What is Recontract.
Recontract - To re sign up for a plan AFTER your contract had ended after 2 years.
Lets say you signed up MaxOnline Premium Plan in 2008 -> $100/Month

And why should we Recontract?
Now after 2 years which is 2010, your contract had ended, you can switch over to Singtel/Singnet or continue to use Starhub.
As now in the year of 2011, the price of the MaxOnline Premium Plan in 2011 may have been $80/Month

And IF we don't recontract, we may be still paying the price of 2008 plan, which is $100/Month whereby
IF we recontract, we may only be needed to pay an amount of $80! -> saved $20.
+ PLUS if we recontract, there may be some freebies or promotional stuff and many more shit like the first time we
got our contract!

Note : the amount used in this post are just some amount I came up with, for this general idea of how and what Recontract is.
Last of all, to recontract just head over to http://www.starhub.com/broadband.html#_
and find "Recontract Now" Button Smile

You may also need your Hub ID, which is reflected on your Starhub bill, as for password, I believe your parent should have it Smile
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