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Damn funny argument Empty Damn funny argument

Post  Selnia on Sat Feb 05, 2011 12:28 am

Heres the link.... mediafire.com ?jbph7omrn36rz9i

A Part of this dumb argument...

[01:21:37] <combat.nkorea> go ahead la, speaking of law just ask ur parents to bring a lawsuit to Durex for giving birth to you
[01:21:39] <combat.india> and you have no skills of your own to flaunt
[01:21:40] <combat.nkorea> they have a very good case there
[01:21:45] <combat.nkorea> yea hes indian, then im north korean?
[01:21:47] <combat.india> a cretin like you could never match up to us
[01:21:53] <combat.india> stop acting like a toughie and get lost
[01:21:58] <combat.india> you don't belong here
[01:21:59] <combat.nkorea> so obvious we are using 3rd world nations identities for FUN LOL
[01:21:59] <combat.india> you belong in the dumps
[01:22:09] <combat.nkorea> go back to the gutters and censor your crap pls LOL
[01:22:10] <combat.india> so shut up. get out. and never come back
[01:22:13] <combat.india> case enough for you?
[01:22:20] <dannyhomme> THIS YALAM IS A DUMPSTER BOY
[01:22:20] <LancelotDuLac> obviously i said india boy so as to be a specific remark to him
[01:22:28] <combat.nkorea> LOOOOOOL
[01:22:30] <combat.nkorea> india boy
[01:22:32] <combat.india> hey. don't change the subject here boy.
[01:22:37] <combat.nkorea> he was mentioning assumption
[01:22:38] <combat.india> i have provided my case
[01:22:40] <combat.nkorea> now he assumes you are a boy
[01:22:41] <combat.nkorea> LOL
[01:22:42] <LancelotDuLac> like i asked
[01:22:43] <dannyhomme> MAT YOYO
[01:22:48] <combat.nkorea> what if hes not, or hes both genders? or neither?
[01:22:50] <LancelotDuLac> what case are you referring to?
[01:22:51] <combat.nkorea> LOOOOL
[01:22:57] <LancelotDuLac> which you claimed i have lost
[01:22:59] <combat.india> my reply to you would be. scroll up.
[01:23:00] <combat.india> retard.
[01:23:08] <combat.nkorea> just ask ur parents to go to durex and ask them to conpensate them for giving birth to you
[01:23:13] <combat.nkorea> the condom didnt work, thats why you were born
[01:23:16] <combat.nkorea> you were an accident
[01:23:18] <combat.nkorea> thats why you are in denial
[01:23:21] <combat.nkorea> you have been living in denial
[01:23:24] <combat.india> oh my, i bet he didn't even read what i said. perhaps it was all too much for him to ingest?
[01:23:25] <combat.nkorea> since you were born
[01:23:28] <combat.nkorea> and its a sad story really
[01:23:37] <combat.nkorea> that you have been accidentally born, but purposely as a yalam
[01:23:40] <combat.nkorea> to sustain the birth rates

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