Guide for Antimage (Free For Open Suggestions too :) )

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Guide for Antimage (Free For Open Suggestions too :) ) Empty Guide for Antimage (Free For Open Suggestions too :) )

Post  Aiders on Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:13 pm

Antimage, Pick him if there's INT heroes because his skill is basically very effective on INT heroes , If you picked him and theres no INT heroes , you're screwed unless there're noobs who're willing to feed you or you are some imba pro.

Skill build,
Mana break
Mana break
Blink/Mana break (Your choice, but i prefer Blink cause it reduces of countdown, and you can escape easily Smile )
From then on Just max blink then mana break and ulti on 11 and 16.
(I reccomend you max bllink first if you gank a lot or NC all the time. Why? To chase and run, DUH. and the .. 3rd skill of AM (that magic armour thing) max it last.)

Starting item,
There're a lot of build but if you random it and you're a good farmer I suggest go straight for offering.
1 Vlad offering recipe
Ring of regeneration
Ring of protection
(Mask of death and Sobi mask can be bought at the nearby secret shops, at the top lane and btm lane.)
But if you're not confident of farming and wants to play damage I suggest,
2x Slippers of agi
2x Circlet of noblet
1x Healing pot
Or you can skip 1 slipper of agi an 1 circlet of noblet and just get Culling blade if you're keen on farming Smile .

Main build,
Vlad Offering
Threads (Str if you're in a difficult situation , Agi if you're in a farming situation.)
Vanguard (After you get vanguard just switch your threads to Agi, Why vanguard? Because AM is a paper hero, you need it to tank Smile )
BattleFury (Farming purposes)
Crainum Basher (For hunting, But if you want Maelstorm also can Smile )
Butterfly or BKB (BKB if you get killed by spells often)
By then the game had already ended -.- so I'll stop here.

Thanks Very Happy feel free to comment

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